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It's 1998. I've run a successful commercial collection agency for 8 years. We are trying to collect a claim for $1,100. After three months of chasing down the owner of the company for payment, we finally get him on the phone. He tells us: I'm not a bad guy. I want to pay you. You can sue me if you want, but I already have three lawsuits against me totaling over $100,000. I owe the union $150,000 in back pension. I won't have any workers until I pay them and even if I could afford to pay them, I don't have any work for them to do. I just completed a huge project and I'm getting stuck for over a million dollars. I cant even commit to pay $100 a month because it would hurt me even more. I need every cent for these more pressing issues. I'm sorry.

This company was obviously on the verge of closing its doors, but it was still our job to collect.

This is what prompted me to find a better way to collect from struggling companies. Here's what I found:

I realized that if I could negotiate affordable terms with the struggling business creditors, all parties involved could win:

That's how Corporate Turnaround was born.

We soon had businesses calling us from around the country asking for our help. We've worked with over 10,000 companies and successfully resolved over 50,000 business debts from all different types of creditors. Part of the success of our business debt restructuring program comes from our ability to show our clients' hardship. Creditors and collection agencies are ready to negotiate more affordable terms once they understand the hardship a business owner is facing. We're currently negotiating over $400 million of our clients' debt.

Look through our testimonials. You'll find people who were enduring the worst time of their lives when they became our clients. Family members were seriously ill; storms destroyed almost everything they owned. These stories can't be seen in a bank statement. They have to be explained. When clients send their collection calls to us, they free up precious time to be with their families during a crisis; to recover from serious illness; to rebuild business and their lives.

Despite helping thousands of businesses, we felt we could do more. Some clients were completing our program, but still in debt with the IRS. Others needed cash for operating expenses. We responded by expanding our services. We now have tax specialists who can negotiate directly with the IRS. We also have multiple lenders who specialize in alternative financing.

That's just the beginning. We formed an alliance with SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business". They provide free, ongoing business counseling to help you get back on track and improve your budgeting and financial management skills. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

We offer free marketing help from the nations highest paid consultant, Jay Abraham. Jay specializes in finding hidden assets in every company and teaching businesses to profit from them. We also offer a free computer based tool that can help track finances in real time.

When a business owner is struggling, their problems affect many people. Businesses that want to keep their doors open and pay their creditors deserve a second chance.

Whatever your financial dilemma may be, we have services that can help you.

Call us now at 1.800.889.0232. We will review your situation and tell you what options are available. You can also fill out a free consultation form.

Here's to your success,

Jerry Silberman
CEO & Founder
Corporate Turnaround