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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my company need restructuring?
A: Debt Restructuring is not for everyone, but is a perfect solution for others. If you want to pay your creditors but can't establish affordable settlement terms, our program is ideal for you. If more than 30% of your payables are over 90 days old, you are taking chances with the future of your company unless you have a realistic plan to satisfy your creditors. Without a practical and affordable plan your company can sink deeper into debt, and it may only be a matter of time before creditors seize your assets and put you out of business. But don't take our word. The SBA reports that approximately 45,000 businesses a month close their doors or file business bankruptcy. These companies didn't have a solid and proven plan to get out of debt; all they had were hopes and dreams. The good news is that the moment you turn your problem debts over to us, your debt problem is on the way to being under control. So what's stopping you from turning your situation around today? Q: How does it work?
A: Basically, what we do is take a large amount of unaffordable debt and make it affordable to you.We take what you can afford monthly, lets call that your budget, and use that to negotiate with the creditors you submit. We do this by offering settlements ranging from pennies on the dollar to payment in full.There are no time limits for settlements. Some creditors may settle after receiving our first set of offers, and others may be resolved later on. You just don't have the cash flow to pay them if they all settle at once. Our goal is to offer affordable repayment terms that fit within your budget. One of the ways we do this is by stretching your repayment terms over time buying time before and after we settle.Most importantly, you can refer harassing calls from collection agencies and attorneys to us so you can get back to work.
Q: What types of debt do you handle?
A: We handle most types of business debts such as suppliers, services, contractors, advertising, credit cards, you name it. We also handle leases and loans, but not in all cases. The only real way to know if we can help you with a particular debt is to ask. Not only will we tell you if we can help, we can also give you insight into the potential actions and remedies available to the creditor. We do not handle debts that were solely incurred for personal use; however, if you have a personal credit card that was mostly used for business, we can accept it.
Q: How much will it cost me to restructure my debt?
A: Before we begin restructuring, our clients first decide on an affordable monthly budget, which includes the cost of the program. While we earn money in several ways, the majority of our earnings are based on reducing the amount owed and most importantly, buying enough time to have the repayment terms fit within the budget. And if you qualify for our guarantee, you won't pay back more than you owe submitted creditors, and that includes our fees. For more information regarding our program, please call one of our Senior Financial Solutions Consultants to discuss your situation in detail. Q: How long will it take to complete the program?
A: Every restructuring has a unique combination of debts, creditors, and our clients' ability to fund. So we can't make promises about how fast you can become debt free. However, if you qualify, under our Cost Cap Guarantee we can tell you the maximum amount of time it will take to complete our program. Take your total amount of debt in the restructuring, which may increase over time, and divide it by your monthly budget. The result is the maximum number of months it will take you to complete our program. For clients who successfully completed our program, the average timeframe to do so was only 25.28 months. If you would like to shorten the length of the program, you can do so by increasing the amount of your installments. Q: What types of reporting and updating can I expect?
A: As our client, you'll have 24/7 access to the latest information regarding your restructuring through our secure website. Your Dashboard will give you over a dozen reports regarding your account.

There you will be able to review current account information including:

  • The background and experience of your Restructuring Team.
  • A Comprehensive Creditor Report which details everything you need to know about the status of negotiations and settlements with your creditors. We even divulge the most recent settlements we've made with your creditors.
  • Your Monthly Transaction Statement which shows where every penny of yours is going.
  • Your Rate of Funding: The average monthly rate you've paid back toward your debts. Here you can see the amount you've funded, the gross debt you have in the program and how long you've been in the restructuring.
  • Your Funding Progress: View graphically the consistency of your funding for the previous 12 months.
  • Payments Scheduled for Creditors: Check which creditors are due to be paid according to new settlement terms.
  • Needed Documentation: Pertinent and timely information that CT needs from you in order to optimally resolve your debt.
  • Net Savings and Net Cost: The amount we've reduced your debt by compared to the cost of our services.
  • The Finish Line: Review how much debt you have left and how long it will take to pay that off.
  • And much more.

Q: How will the program affect my credit?
A: We don't start paying creditors until after they settle with us, and some may not settle for a while, and many settle for less than what you owe. As a result, your credit rating may decline. But if you are willing to compromise your credit rating in order to save your business and build a profitable future, your goal can be accomplished by entering into an affordable restructuring plan with us.
Q: Why should I use you instead of negotiating myself?
A: You can do it yourself. As a matter of fact, most of our clients did negotiate on their own prior to engaging us. They came to us after they broke the payment plans they set up. Let me give you the advantages of using our services.

  1. The stress and aggravation - Many clients come to us for this reason alone. Anyone who is under this kind of pressure understands. When we represent you there is no reason to dodge calls. If a collector calls, simply refer them back to us. It feels great to know your situation is being handled professionally.
  2. Negotiating under pressure can make a bad situation worse - Payment plans made under pressure may buy you some time, but inevitably those payment plans are broken because the payments were unaffordable to begin with. Once you've broken your payment terms for a second time, your credibility is lost.
  3. The time it takes you - This is what you want to avoid: Writing checks - the accounting - time on the phone - the constant interruptions - upset employees always putting out fires. If we handle your debt problems, youll be able to get back to work.
  4. Our expertise - Restructuring is our core business. We have a staff of industry professionals including attorneys, former debt collectors and debt negotiators all focused on settling debts within your limited budget.
  5. Our experience - All we do is deal with creditors, collection agencies and attorneys, many of whom we have alliances with. We send them checks on a consistent basis and they know they won't have to chase us for payments after a settlement has been reached. We currently pay creditors about a million dollars a month and have worked with over 9,000 businesses across America.
  6. Our Proprietary Software Application Payoff - No one else has it or anything like it because we created it from the ground up. It is the culmination of years and years of programming, utilizing data from thousands upon thousands of settlements. Payoff enables our negotiators to offer your creditors customized settlements while respecting your limited budget. It determines which settlements are within your budget and which settlements are not by considering variables such as: the amount of the individual debt, the level of collection activity, if there is a lien on any of your property, if there are any personal guarantors, how much we have in your account with us and how much your installments are relative to the total amount of your debt. Payoff also enables us at any time to give you a comprehensive statement of all your transactions showing where every cent of your money is going, as well as a status report detailing all the individual settlements with your creditors.
  7. Credibility - Our clients' success stories have been nationally profiled by The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, US News & World Report, Business Week and The CBS Evening News.Our CEO has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, MSNBC and co-authored the Small Business Survival Book. We are the only small business turnaround firm that is an alliance partner of the Association of Small Business Development Centers and SCORE. Both organizations are resource partners of the SBA.We are rated "A+" with the Better Business Bureau.
  8. Building more credibility for you - A deadbeat is someone that can afford to pay but won't pay unless they are forced to. But our clients are just the opposite they want to pay but can't afford to. A deadbeat wouldn't:

    1. Sign a legally binding obligation to make payments to us until all their creditors are paid.
    2. Give us authorization to electronically withdraw the installments from their bank account.
    3. Prove their hardship.

    Our clients do. By agreeing to and meeting these requirements, our clients gain tremendous credibility because they are legally and financially committed to paying their creditors.

  9. Unlimited settlement options - We don't believe in trying to force a particular settlement on creditors; after all, we are asking them to compromise. The truth is that we do give creditors unlimited settlement options. They can determine when they get paid or how much they get paid and sometimes both. By giving creditors a choice in the matter, they are more cooperative and they can also satisfy their own settlement requirements while working within your budget.

  10. It's almost impossible - If you can afford only 5% or less of what you owe per month, the chances of you restructuring your debts successfully on your own are slim to none. To give you an idea of how hard it is to settle within your budget, let me give you an example. Lets suppose you have $100,000 in debt and can afford only $2,500 per month. That 2.5% of the total debt. When you contact the creditors, collection agencies and attorneys, every single one of them wants payment in full and they all want it now. However you, being the greatest negotiator in the world, get each and every creditor, collection agency and attorney to agree to take a lump-sum settlement of 10 cents on the dollar. That's $100,000 in debt settled for only $10,000. As amazing as that sounds, it's 4 times more than you can afford because you only have $2,500. For that reason, our job is virtually four times harder than that incredible settlement.

    To give you an analogy, a Rolls Royce at one-tenth the price is an incredible offer, but if you don't have the money, you can't take advantage of the deal. For that reason, our job is virtually four times harder than that incredible settlement.

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